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Carp caviar salad

Carp caviar salad

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In a deep bowl put 2-3 tablespoons of caviar and sprinkle a knife tip with lemon salt.

We peel the two slices of bread, soak them in water, then squeeze them and sprinkle them over the caviar.

Mix the caviar and bread mixture until well blended, then start adding oil, little by little, mixing further.

Over time we will notice that the mixture will harden more and more, making it difficult to mix, at which point we can start adding cold water in a drop. Water has a role both in facilitating the mixing - foaming the mixture, and in whitening the eggs. Depending on preferences / taste, we continue mixing by alternating oil and water. We do not exaggerate with the oil - in which case we will get some nauseating caviar, nor with the water - in which case we will soften the mixture too much, which must remain firm, not to flow.

Taste, and if necessary, add a little more salt / lemon juice.

Finely chop an onion and mix it with the caviar.

Serve on slices of bread, possibly with a green onion next to it.


In order for the eggs to beat well, the fresh ones are not used, but only the ones kept for a few days in salt.


Lemon salt can be dissolved in cold water, but I add it to the powder, before adding the oil, to be sure of the success of the preparation.


Slices of bread soaked in water also help to ensure success and a firm, non-flowing preparation.


Even if you can't collect the existing membranes in the caviar mixture from the beginning, they will all accumulate on the mixer blades, and the problem is almost solved (see photo).

Carp caviar salad with semolina


3 tablespoons carp carp

100 ml of sunflower oil

2-3 tablespoons of mineral water

Method of preparation

The eggs are cleaned of skins, placed in a sieve with a clean gauze and washed with water in a gentle stream of water. Leave the eggs to drain so that they drain well.

Separately, boil the water and when it boils, reduce the heat on the stove and add the three tablespoons of semolina. Stir constantly to prevent lumps from forming. When the semolina has bound and thickened, remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool.

When the semolina has cooled, put it in a bowl and mix a little, then add, about a teaspoon, the eggs drained of water. Mix the caviar with the semolina and add the oil, a little at a time, then the mineral water, salt and lemon juice, to taste, and finally, the onion grated on a small grater, or cut very finely.

The caviar salad is placed in a bowl that can be covered and decorated according to preference.

Roe salad

And my mother puts boiled semolina in the caviar salad, but I wanted to minimize the ingredients used :) The caviar was from the crucian.

How to be? Over expectations! : D

Leave the onion there in its place because it's a better salad.
I add a little more boiled potato when I make them.
They are wonderful with soft bread and tomatoes.
Nice Sunday !

Of course, the caviar salad is much tastier with onions :) I even added thin slices of green onion that I sprinkled on top.

Good idea with caviar, but what did you do with the fish, tell us?
Let's move on to the caviar, even though they are better with onions and I liked the idea with green onion strands on top.
I read here that you are by the sea, I envy you for the fish and the sea. When we go to the sea we don't forget to go around August 23 / Olympus to eat fish at a cherhana.
Congratulations! and tell us what you did with the FISH.
the same Rodica

The eggs were just a bonus, I had bought the fish to make a brine (from crucian and fresh mullet). But I didn't have time to take pictures of her, now I'm really sorry I didn't post her on the blog.
I know that cherhanaua, I think you mean the one between Tatlageac and mare, across the railway. I really like it there, especially on the terrace built on the pillars that go into the sea.

I confess that I never had the courage to make caviar in the house, believing that it won't come out, but last night when I made apple pudding I also made caviar which was a delight. I put green onions cut into thin slices. of bread and looks great. Thanks for everything and I'm waiting for other recipes!

With pleasure, Mariana! I will try not to let you wait too long for the publication of the next recipe)

Everything seems so easy to you.
I never made caviar because all my life I heard my mother how hard it is to make, along with mayonnaise and other more special foods. I will try tomorrow.)

:) It seems so easy because in fact it is, and the images of the recipe I think play an important role in creating this impression. And my recipe for mayonnaise with the blender it seems even lighter than the caviar salad)

question: does it look like commercial caviar salad? You know, those boxes. : D

Answer: it doesn't look like it at all! Those boxes are for amateurs, we need a big box to fit 200 g of caviar and 400 ml of oil :)) Homemade caviar salad has a more pronounced taste of fish, especially since this recipe does not contain semolina or something that multiplies it.

I have a question. I have carp eggs and I also have some mackerel eggs. I used carp eggs, but not mackerel. Let's mix it. is mackerel eggs good ?? Multam.Nely

Nely, mackerel caviar is very good (coming from an ocean fish, they have a more pronounced taste). If they are fresh, I think there is no problem if you mix carp caviar with mackerel.

Good evening sir. from the pan :) what I find interesting is that your recipes (I mean the fact that you are a male person) seem much simpler than all the recipes posted on various ladies' blogs. I was always afraid to try to make caviar in the house and to my surprise they came out first. since I first tried the ones I made, I gave up going to the district with commercial caviar.
Thank you so much . I decided this year to try all the recipes. I hope to succeed. I have already tried and 7 of them came out. I'm sorry I didn't discover this site sooner. a good evening .

Good evening :) The name of the gentleman from the pan is Robert and you can talk to him pertu :) We are on the net, we are on a culinary blog, it seems to me that it is simpler if we do not formalize. I also see the full side of the glass: although you made it a bit late, I'm glad that you finally discovered my site: D I would really be happy if you could try all the recipes, although I think that until in the end you will say a few steps - I think it is impossible to have the same tastes in terms of food :) Thank you for the kind words and I hope you always come back with pleasure on the site.

Caviar salad is traditional at festive meals, especially when diners like fish dishes. It is a salad that allows many kinds of serving and garnishing (sandwiches, as a filling for some vegetables, mounted with pos on lemon slices or on a plate, etc.). I used the fresh caviar of a Danube carp to prepare the salad. First, the caviar is washed carefully and cleaned of any traces of skin. Salt with about 1 teaspoon of salt and leave in the refrigerator. Boil 100 ml. of water and when it boils add the semolina in the rain, stirring constantly, until it thickens well.

Allow to cool completely. Keep about 1 tablespoon of caviar, put the rest in a bowl suitable for the mixer, along with the boiled semolina, cooled (picture 1). Mix until the semolina and caviar are homogenized (image 2), add the juice from 1/2 lemon and start pouring the oil into a thin thread, stirring constantly, like mayonnaise. The composition will bind and grow (image 3). Add the finely chopped onion and the rest of the eggs (image 4). Mix briefly, so as not to break the caviar added later, match the taste with the rest of the lemon juice and salt, if needed, and the salad is ready. Store in the refrigerator, in a closed bowl, until serving (even 2-3 days).

A suggestion for a more special presentation: put the salad in a pos for decoration with a star-shaped tip and draw a fish on a plate, to which an "eye" is put from a caper grain, the "tail" is accentuated and the "swimmers" with very fine strips of carrot and garnish the plate with green onions and lemon slices.

Carp caviar salad

Mix the caviar, at first raw, then pour a little oil, like mayonnaise, until it binds. they start to harden well (they stay stiff), the mineral water is dripped, which has the role of softening and whitening them. on top.

Some tips for straightening sliced ​​salad (cut just like mayonnaise)
- add a little lemon juice and mix at maximum speed until it binds
-or add a little soda or mineral water, cold and also mix well
-or let the excess oil separate for a few minutes, drain in a glass and then mix at full speed until it binds, adding the oil a little
-or add (if we still have) a teaspoon of raw caviar that is incorporated into the salad
cut, mixing at maximum speed
-or add a little old breadcrumbs soaked in cold water and squeezed well

Carp caviar salad

For the caviar salad we start to rub (mix) the caviar put in a bowl, with lemon juice and

39 comments to & bdquoCarp caviar salad & rdquo

What a craving you made me !! The eggs are not missing from our menu, but I boiled the semolina in water & # 8230 & # 8230e much better in milk, why didn't it cross my mind: -? I'm so glad you opened my head, I'll kiss you!

Unfortunately I have to tell you that caviar does not mix with anything. As a rule, I learned from the Danube Delta, put the caviar in a bowl and mix it with a wooden spoon only with a spoon of oil. I laugh that we would make mayonnaise with fish caviar taste. The recipe, at least in Transylvania, is a tablespoon or two of salted caviar, a pinch of mustard and oil. Put the caviar in the bowl with the mustard and beat 1 / 2 minutes after which add a teaspoon of oil at the beginning
until they start to assimilate the oil. Then you can put more oil, when they harden add a tablespoon of water and continue beating. At the end add the lemon juice - according to taste - continue to beat with the mixer and oil until they the consistency of not flowing out of the bowl. Lemon has the role of cutting the fat given by the oil. clean the bowl without throwing the cut eggs and resume the process with a new spoon of eggs, gradually adding a teaspoon of the cut eggs. Enjoy!

Mircea thanks for the recipe. Honestly, I'm from Transylvania, but it didn't happen to put mustard in the caviar, nor did I hear any friend put it. But I am receptive to ideas :). I promise to try the recipe as you wrote it.

Well Mirceo this is exactly what you do: a fish-flavored mayonnaise & # 8230just that instead of chicken eggs you use fish eggs. I like nature with a little salt and lemon or on a bed of grated black radish with 2 drops of lemon. Merota tried. At the highest.

Ginette, please try them with semolina boiled in milk, you'll like it I assure you :). Many kisses !

I see you haven't changed anything on the facade. I haven't heard from you. Give a sign.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Cristina, unfortunately, I didn't have time :( but I hope to solve it as soon as possible.


Mary, I wouldn't want to stay in Dobrogea for at least a week to get tired of fish :)). Your mother does the same and you are right, she is very good. Next time I will try it and put pictures. Kiss you and have a happy New Year!

I tried the recipe, but I had the caviar kept in the freezer for a while. Is this a problem, because the salad didn't turn out properly?

In what sense did it not come out? Did they cut themselves? Maybe you put too much oil at once & # 8230 I made caviar from the freezer and it came out perfectly good.

It didn't come out: the composition came out too soft. And yes, I think I put too much oil in at once. I hope it comes out next time.

Dear Amalia,
Thanks for all the networks, I never made caviar and I tried these. Very simple to make, they turned out super good, everyone praised them and asked me for the recipe :)))) I recommended your blog to everyone, you really are formidable & # 8230Thank you very much and please don't stop amazing :).

Lory thank you very much for your appreciation, I hope you try other recipes from the blog :).

Hello Amalia, first of all Congratulations !! you are a perfect cook, I made countless recipes from your blog and they all came out great, I have a question about caviar salad, I saw that you had fresh caviar, does it work with caviar bought from Negro or something kind?? the problem is that they are very salty and I don't think they are rubbed with salt, possibly to wash them with a sieve before?
Did you try to do it and it came out?
Thank you very much

Anonymously you can put them in a sieve, then put them under running water, let them drain and do not add salt at all. I tried purchased herring caviar.

Now I make the recipe with caviar (for the first time I make them at home).

I saw that you are Capricorn (like me) so I want to wish you Happy Birthday! with health and many accomplishments.

are fff good! I tried them.
I used black herring caviar (per box-100g)
how fast they are made and how good they are. # 8230.
I didn't untie them beforehand

Alina and I still use those :) & # 8230 I'm glad they came out I am convinced that from now on you will prepare them at home :).

let's bombard you with questions & # 8230sorry! caviar and creams are the only recipes that never come out nush dc & # 8230cred k I don't know their secret.I also tried these caviar and they didn't harden enough.nush that would Is it the reason & # 8230? I didn't put enough oil? My secret is pls! I love caviar but I never get it.

Ady if they haven't hardened enough maybe you put too much water & # 8230 first rub them with semolina, then add a little oil and mix & # 8230 to dissolve & # 8222 dissolve & # 8221 add water but a little teaspoon & # 8222 8230 then oil again and so on & # 8230 from time to time you put lemon juice. I hope you succeed, write to me.

next week i will do it when i get home & # 8230iti i will definitely much for advice: *

My first caviar prepared was pike, from a glass jar. I made them without semolina and with chopped onions and without mixer. They came out super good, they just cut ..
I just found your recipe and it's the second time I put on the preparation. I put water instead of milk, due to lack of stocks. : P The raw material was also from the 100 g box from Negro.
They came out very good, but they have only one problem: they are bitter! :( I only tasted them towards the end, so I don't know if they were bitter before putting the onion. Therefore the number of possible causes is not restricted .. I say that I washed them well, because they no longer had skins "Can it be from grated onions instead of chopped? I've heard that before. Thank you."

I honestly don't know how to answer you, it could be from onions.

uuuuauuuuuuuuuuuuuu! super and creamy it was now I'm going to see if it works out for me too.

3 tablespoons caviar (preferably carp, pike, herring caviar)
200 ml oil (sunflower or olive)
150 g semolina or 1 potato
juice from half a lemon
200 ml of mineral water
salt, pepper, 1 small onion

First boil the semolina or potato. Set aside to cool. Meanwhile, peel the skins and place them in a bowl. Stir gently with a whisk, add the lemon juice, and then start pouring the oil, a little, like mayonnaise, stirring constantly. The amount of oil should not be too large, because it spoils the taste of the caviar. Add a tablespoon of mineral water to have a fluffier consistency. The salad will change its texture and color as you add oil and mineral water. Continue as you see fit, tasting it. At the end, incorporate the boiled semolina or the boiled and well-mashed potato (it is specific to Greek cuisine) and finely chopped onion. Good appetite!

Careful! Fresh caviar should not be used immediately. Keep them in the fridge, in salt, for at least 2 days. Instead, commercial caviar can be used immediately.

Carp caviar salad

Carp caviar salad from: fresh caviar, oil, lemon, bread, onion.


  • 2-3 tablespoons of caviar (fresh or salted)
  • 2-3 tablespoons oil
  • 1 lemon (juice)
  • core of 1-2 slices of bread & # 8211 loaf
  • optional: 1 onion

Method of preparation:

The fresh caviar is peeled, salted and left in the fridge for a few hours. The already salty ones can be used immediately.

The eggs are placed in a bowl and rubbed with a fork, dripping the oil that is incorporated into the mixture. Lemon juice is added along the way. To increase the amount, the bread crumbs well soaked in milk or water (preferably mineral water) are incorporated during mixing, or even from the beginning.

When the caviar is bound (no more spills), add the finely chopped onion to the salad. If it is intended to keep the caviar salad for several days, it is preferable not to incorporate the chopped onion in the salad from the beginning, but to serve it separately with the caviar.

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We clean the skins well and if they are fresh we rub them with a little salt (mine have already been salted) we put them in a bowl and mix them with the oil, poured little by little (like mayonnaise). From time to time we add from lemon juice and mineral water thus lighten in color and become fluffier. We prepare the semolina from 125 ml of water that we put on the fire, and when it starts to boil we add 2 tablespoons of semolina and mix continuously for 2-3 minutes until the semolina boils .Let it cool.

When we have finished incorporating the oil, lemon juice and mineral water, we add the semolina which must be completely cooled. We add salt, we put the finely chopped onion, we mix well and we put it in the cold. We decorate according to the imagination and serve. Good job and good appetite!

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